20 Captions to Decode the Six Words

Extract from Chapter Six E :


After lunch on the last day, the delegates started returning to their seats.

The twenty five who were in the Dais took their appointed seats in the front row of the auditorium.  Classical music played in the background. The giant screen in front displayed images of spellbinding beauty.Each image was displayed for about a minute and then gradually disappeared in about fifteen seconds and the next one appeared.Against each image was a caption.

The number of words in each caption corresponded to an alphabet….

One word corresponds to `a`, two words correspond to `b`..and so on.

The number of dots at the end of each set of captions corresponds to number of captions in each set of captions. This also equals the number of letters in that word.

Guess the Six Words.

            ..     …    ….    …   ….   ….

My body functions as a pure mechanism according to the laws of nature, yet I am the person who controls all the motions.                   …Erwin Schrodinger

It’s all in the numbers



`The personal self equals the omnipresent eternal self“ is the grandest thought

                                                                           …(Erwin Schrodinger)

The concept of the omnipresent mind leads us towards a cosmic consciousness


All religions are created by laws of science


In the eyes of the Quantum level God as an observer, there exists no conflict between religions or between Science and religion

Classical interactions create quantum probabilities


 “In this excessively enlarged body, the spirit remains what it was, too small to fill it, too feeble to direct

This increased body awaits a supplement of soul

The mechanism demands  a mysticism “                             …(Louise De Broglie)             

We are part of a technologically advanced civilization, we can convert potential energies into motion, and we are aware


One little gram of Uranium gives us more than ten tons of coal

That precisely is the problem


“Humanity groans half-crushed under the weight of the advances that it has made                      

It does not know it makes its own future.

It is for it to make up its mind if it wishes to live“                 …(Louise de Broglie)         



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