Standard model of philosophy

Dear Friends…I welcome you all to this presentation. But first I would like to thank Prof. Jain for inviting me here and giving me this great opportunity, and I thank you all for taking time out to be here.

Excuse me for the hoarseness in my voice. Once it was like Jim Reeves, and I sometimes used to sing in his style. Now it is more like the crackling voice of Louis Armstrong.

Because of this hoarseness…my friend and colleague Sumit Chowdhury will help me in this presentation about this `Standard model of philosophy`

(Looking at the slide)

YES…..`THERE IS SOMEONE IN MY HEAD AND ITS NOT ME`…thats Pink Floyd and the song from the album `The dark side of the moon`

And it applies to me….that someone over there ..or over here (pointing my finger on my forehead)…is just the wisdom and philosophy of the great scientists I am an admirer of.

Before I begin my talk, let me tell you something.

There was a letter written by a certain Albert Einstein to a certain President Roosevelt sometime during the Second World War, the contents of which I found in a certain book on the `Life and Times of Einstein`. I have some copies with me … perhaps one of these   can be displayed on the college notice board. Now,  If it hadn`t been for that letter, its possible, you may not have been sitting here today … But I`ll come to that later, and explain everything. Some of you might even know what I am talking about..

OK …The subject of my talk…as you all know is `The Standard Model Of Philosophy`… in brief, let me call it as `SMOP`.

A Standard Model  – such as that of `Particle Physics`  or `Cosmology`  – in general  signifies a model which has been developed  – as far as possible – on the basis of  the established principles of Science.

In which case  – you might ask the question – : How can the said term `Standard Model` be used for philosophy? …For philosophy is after all philosophy….if it were an established truth, it won`t be called philosophy.

In fact what exactly is the meaning of the word `Philosophy` ?

Let us use some high school algebra to understand this.

If  `x` corresponds to the total ultimate truth and `y` corresponds to the portion of truth that is fully understood and established by Science, then `z` = x – y obviously corresponds to that portion of truth which is either unknown or partly known and not  yet established by Science. The entire philosophy of the world – whether written in books/websites, or discussed in seminars/get-togethers – or in `Talks` like this,  is dealing with `z`, and that portion of it which is related to such topics as `mind`, `consciousness`, `soul` , `spirit`, and `God` is dealing with `Religious Philosophy`. As and when a portion of `z` becomes an established truth by Science (By experiment/observation), it gets added to `y`, till such time, it remains in the domain of philosophy/religion.

In my opinion the singular criterion to be adopted in arriving at one`s religion is that it should be fully compatible with `y` and should not be required to reject an already established truth.

People`s beliefs are dependent on the interactions of the world on them…and these beliefs change with time …again based on the IOTW. The truth however is only one…its not easy to know what is that truth…The best that we can do is to think of something which has the greatest probability of finding acceptance by all religions, and the greatest probability to lead towards convergence of science with religion. Merely saying that `x` percentage are Atheists, `y` percentage are protestants, `z` percentage are catholics…and some are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists doesn`t serve any purpose. There must be `Something` out there that controls nature… that we can look upto…that assures everlasting awareness/consciousness to all of us. The standard model of philosophy must aim at reaching an understanding of what can be that `something` out there which controls nature, and what can be that `understanding` which is acceptable to most, if not all sections of society.

Why is SMOP necessary and who am I and what is my standing, as a philosopher to talk about SMOP and why I wrote my book `Six Words`… we`ll discuss all that in the second part  of the presentation …or perhaps in the Q and A session of the presentation.

If you read the book `SIX WORDS` you will discover what these six words are…and you will understand the  concept of the `Oneness of mind`,  and realize that … it doesn`t really matter who I am, and what is my standing as a philosopher.

Its the SMOP that matters.

So what is this SMOP…The so called `Standard Model Of Philosophy` ?

We  list out six principles (  salient features) of  SMOP, and we find  there is no reason to believe that any of these is outside the domain of `Possibility`,  no reason to believe that any of these violates any aspect of established science. And   no reason to believe that any of these can for any reason, be unacceptable to any of those sections of the human society who  desire to live in peace and harmony, and who believe in the principle `To live and let live`. ( we shall come to this last sentence near the end of this talk).

These features are :

1)  The laws of Science must be such that the `Universe makes sense`, and for the universe to make sense, there must be a consciousness to observe and to understand that the universe makes sense.

2 ) It is impossible to be aware that we are not aware, or to be not aware that we are aware. There may be time gaps between successive consciousness stages, but we are unconscious of these unconscious tenures and they pass quickly.

3)  An anthromorphic – physical function  God, made up of atoms and molecules, occupying time and space, a miracle performing, rewarding and punishing God may not be compatible with already established Scientific truths `y`. Thus, such an Anthromorpic kind of God is impossible to believe. By all means..we should follow the teachings of the great religious leaders of the past…such as Christ, Buddha, Mohammed etc, but we don`t have to believe someone rose from the dead, or walked on water or carried a mountain on his fingers. The very definition of the word  `miracle` implies that a miracle is simply impossible to perform. You might ask the question do we define a miracle ?, to my mind the best definition of the word `Miracle` would be the violation of Newton`s laws at the classical level. Has anyone ever seen Newton`s laws getting violated…no..not at all. If ever any one sees Newton`s laws getting broken, he would rush to get a patent for his discovery.. but there are no such patents pending for peer review.


Equally impossible to believe is the concept of `No God at all`, as that would mean that there is nothing that controls nature and that nature acts on its own. This would lead to a universe that makes no sense at all. The only other alternative is that there is `Something` out there which controls nature in such a way as to ensure that the Universe makes sense. It is not known what is that `Something` that controls nature. It may take a long long time for Science to understand what this `Something` is. No harm will be done if we call this `Something` as God. And no harm will be done if we assume the nature of this God as an `intelligent field` like an `all intelligent infinite mind`. A component of this `Infinite mind` encounters and interacts with a certain biochemist­ry and gives us consciousness, designs and builds our bodies, capable of internal résistance against external forces. Even such a `component mind` cannot on its own have control over these external forces, without violating `y`.

4) That there is a `Law of causation`, that every `Effect` is preceded by a `Cause`. The intelligent field ensures that even at the quantum level the probabilities evolve deterministically via a certain mysterious connection with the classical world.

Let me explain this …mysterious connection:

“Consider that I am walking along a road and need to turn left at the next turning to go to my destination….Now the quantum entities inside my body keep moving here and there `at random`,  with complete disregard to the phenomena of cause and effect, but they will in their trillions be at the right places at the right times to ensure that I am turning left and not going straight or turning right.  And in case something happens to me before I turn left, such as I get hit by a car or something, the classical world (of the car hitting me) informs the quantum world of the changes in probabilities, and the quantum particles inside me will be at the right places at the right times to make sure that I fall down, provided of course, that the impact of the car was sufficient for the purpose.“

And here is another example to illustrate the relation between classical physics and quantum physics, and to explain how `probabilities` evolve:

“Consider a road leading towards a tee junction. If you turn left at the tee junction you are proceeding towards a 50000 capacity Cricket Stadium where a Twenty Twenty International is about to start and a capacity crowd expected to see the match. On the other hand if you turn right at the tee junction you are proceeding towards a 10000 Capacity Auditorium where a Rock Concert is due to start at  about the same time as the Cricket match and a capacity crowd is anticipated here also. For someone who is looking from high above in a helicopter or something, he sees a huge crowd moving towards the tee junction, he cannot say for sure if a particular individual in the crowd is going to turn left or turn right, but he can very well calculate that the probability of the individual turning left is 5/6, and that of his turning right is 1/6.This is how quantum entities behave. We cannot say what they are going to do but can only fix probabilities.“

Of course we cannot explain what that `Connection` is. All we can say is that there is indeed a `Connection`, and thats why we call it `A mysterious connection`.

A serious understanding of the law of causation should reveal that even the big bang could not have been without a cause.

“Does this mean that the big bang does not correspond to time zero. Common sense coupled with simple mathematics says that anything less than zero is negative. But is it possible to comprehend anything like negative time. The only solution seems to be that..That region of time corresponds to the last stages of the previous universe, or more appropriately the previous Aeon of this universe.

This means , if we take the law of causation seriously, that something happened in the last stage of the previous Aeon , which happened to be the `cause` of which the `effect` was the big bang.

Could this mean that this Universe is not just an intelligently designed universe, it could  even be  a simulated one ? Designed and simulated in accordance with the Anthropic Principle by `Something`, such as perhaps the Super consciousness of the previous Aeon.

What exactly is this anthropic principle?…So I come to the fifth element of `SMOP`

5) That there is what we call the `Anthropic Principle` according to which, the  laws of science and the constants of nature are extremely fine tuned, in a way that ensures   life and consciousness to emerge and then  understand this universe.


Here are some  examples of some of these constants:

When we all arrived in the universe `as quarks` within the first microsecon­d after time zero, we had but one chance in several million ( say `x` million) of surviving annihilati­on by our `anti quarks`, and this ratio had to be very very close to that value `x` in order that universe would now be inhabitabl­e by living creatures.

If the proton was just one percent heavier, it would decay into a neutron and all nuclei would become unstable and disintegra­te. Atoms would fly apart making life impossible­.

The ratio of force of gravitatio­n and nuclear forces have to be precisely what they are in order for the wonderful stars to exist and for nuclear energy to continuous­ly provide energy for our sun.

And there are so many of these constants of nature..perhaps more than twenty..and each one of them has to be that finely tuned in such an extremely narrow range ..enough to realize … That the probability of the universe not a `designed`  one is just about as low – as someone said – As that of an aircraft getting assembled by a tornado striking a junkyard.

6) That there is a universal law of probability which implies that there is nothing special about the human beings in the eyes of the mind called God. Which further implies, that even though this may be a designed universe, that ensures life and consciousness to emerge, it could not have predicted when and where life and consciousness will emerge, or whether a civilization from a planet `x` could conquer another from planet `y`, or whether Arvind Kejriwal will  sometime become the  Prime minister of India

Here comes `Randomness` into the picture.

You might ask the question …Does Randomness play a role in the affairs of the universe?

The Answer :    You bet it does… it plays a significant role.

It is possible to show  by a simple analytical study … that a single mosquito bite can change the history of the Milky Way.

Consider this case (hypothetical of course):


A man called `x` takes a plain and simple walk in the garden. One hundred and fifty years later nearly twenty million people die…who would not have died had this man called `x` not taken that 5 minute walk in the garden on that pleasant evening with a nice cool breeze blowing.

You might ask …How could that be possible?

The answer…Why not?

The man called `x` was having a nice time taking a walk on that lovely evening…then a mosquito bites him… he did`nt know about it…he didn`t  feel anything… he kept walking.

After a couple of days…he was shivering…it was high fever…it was Malaria.

He was admitted in a hospital…he was treated for Malaria…He came home and went on with his life.

No big deal…But one hundred and fifty years later nearly twenty million people died …who would not have died had this man called `x` not been admitted to that hospital where he was treated for Malaria, and a beautiful nurse looked after him well.

You might still ask the question… How could that be possible?

The Answer…why not?

The man called `x` fell in love with that beautiful young lady who was his nurse.

They later got married…

They had a daughter…

She was Hitler`s grandmother.

You might say..thats amazing …and then ask the question…But how does the mosquito bite change the history of the Milky Way ?

The Answer : Another man called `y` …another mosquito bite …another young lady…another daughter…she was Einstein`s grandmother.

And Einstein did something…that saved the human race from extinction by Nuclear Warfare…And the human race survives and lives on for millions of years more…and in course of time colonizes the galaxy called the Milky Way, and thus changes its history.

You might ask the question …What was that something that Einstein did that saved us from that catastrophic destruction.

The Answer :  He wrote a letter to President Roosevelt….that resulted in the setting up of the Manhatten Project… that resulted in the Hiroshima atom bomb attack…that prevented the Germans from winning the nuclear race and making  first use of the nuclear bomb during the second World War…that would in course of time surely would have led to a second use..and then a third use..and so on..a certain chain reaction..and possible collapse of human race.

Thats Randomness for you…it was leading towards a catastrophic situation…and then probabilities were created `by human beings` to prevent such a catastrophic end.

In the same way .. if our human civilization is moving towards self destruction – caused by the interactions of the Universe, which in turn happen in accordance with the laws of causation and probability and `Randomness` , the `Infinite mind`  may not come to our rescue, and it is left to us to improve our interactions in a way that can enable us to create such probabilities that can save us from self destruction.

And it goes without saying …we need `The SMOP`.


These elements of the philosophical model  in particular the `Anthropic Principle`, are of course based on the initial condition that the universe makes sense. One might of course ask the question:

Is making sense a requirement that the universe must fulfil ?

This is an extremely important question that the Scientists and Engineers are asking…

Is making sense a requirement that the universe must fulfil ?

So I deal with this question from three different angles/approaches…and the answer in each case is:

Yes… Making  sense IS a requirement that the universe must fulfil.

First approach:

Consider first that `making sense is not a requirement that the universe must fulfil`.

What – in that case – is the probability that such a universe …if picked up at random from several universes…will have the desired constants.

Perhaps one in several billion.

So we need billions and billions of universes in order to get a universe like this with the desired constants.

So in order to  accept that the universe does not make sense…we will need to explain the existence of billions of universes.

Thats a huge metaphysical baggage to be carried.

It is far more easier to believe that there is a single universe, with an `All Intelligent` ..`Omnipresent`..`Infinite Mind`… That programmed and designed an event such as the big bang with precisely calculated constants in an extremely narrow range…Indeed   that makes perfect sense… And there is no requirement or need  to explain billions of universes  with each one coming into existence at a certain zero time, and without a preceding cause.

Second Approach :

Now let’s look at it from a different angle…. A Second Approach…What exactly is the future of life and consciousness in this universe of ours? What do the great cosmologists of the World tell us about the future of the universe, and for how long  can life  continue in it.

There are widely conflicting opinions on this, but of late, a consensus appears to be formed that the universe may last for trillions and trillions and trillions  of years..or even forever …say 10 ^100 years, but the Stelliferous era in which we are living now, where galaxies are forming and beautiful stars are shining, and where life and consciousness is flourishing, may not last for very long, perhaps 10 ^15 years only. This Stelliferrous era may be followed by:

THE DEGENERATE ERA: Dead stellar remnants capture dark matter, collide with each other, scatter into space and finally decay into nothingness.

THE BLACKHOLE ERA: Black holes inherit the universe, warp space and time, evaporate their mass energy, and make an explosive exit.

THE DARK ERA: The nearly moribund universe struggles with cosmological heat death and faces the possibility of universally transforming phase transitions.


In short the many widely accepted Scientific theories predict the dark energy to lead the universe towards perpetual nothingness…no energy…no light…. no life….no warmth.. nothing but perpetual and irrevocable stagnation with massless photons and gravitons doing nothing at all – except getting bored.
And this goes on forever and ever …from age (say) 10^15 years, to age (say) 10 ^ 100+ years, since big bang.
Imagine…in such a scenario…that life and consciousness existing only in one unit of time out of nearly 10^ 85 units of time .
Again …we face the problem. Does this make any sense at all?
Top of FormWas  life and consciousness  just an accident after all ?….Was  there never a designer ?…. No Anthropic Principle ?… Just the second law of thermodynamics…Entropy at its infinite maximum….Is there no way ..and no one.. to change the direction ?… That’s it …is it?

What does the `Intelligent field…The omnipresent …Infinite Mind` do to come out of this predicament?

Do we  – the component parts of the Infinite mind – accept that? Can we even imagine such a future ?…leave alone accept it ?…No we cannot…..even to be aware of it, we need consciousness… and all that consciousness is concentrated in the tiny first region of time ..upto 10^15 years stage…perhaps maxm upto 10^20 years stage.

And it is in the `Here` and the `Now` …while we are in this tiny region of time … while we are living in this Stelliferrous era …. ..Where beautiful stars are shining ( including Hollywood ones, not forgetting Bollywood ones) and beautiful life (with all that consciousness) is flourishing….while we with our consciousnesses are contemplating about the gloomy future (ie from 10^20 to 10^100+ years)… That we…with our `All intelligent Infinite mind`..  do something to avoid going into that region…

And how do we do that  ?…

The first requirement is that :

Mind and Consciousness (MAC) must be the primary player and must have  complete control over Matter and Energy (MAE).

With this assumption…What  are the  various possibie scenarios that come to mind ?

Three possibilities considered here in ascending order of likelyhood:

First of course is that this is a Simulated Universe…That MAC on reaching a state of Superconsciosness prepares a comprehensive programme with beautifully designed mathematical constants and then switches on the computer at the appropriate time and ushers in the next big bang…and after trillions of years…the next…and so on …a cyclic phenomena.

An excellent universe with billions of galaxies and millions of stars in each galaxy, trillions of planets brimming with life and intelligence. Plenty of Einsteins and Newtons , Plenty of Christs, and Buddhas too, Of course Randomness will be prominent in this alternative also, and so there will be some Hitlers too.Here in this alternative we have no choice…we will be forever conscious ..(even if there are some time gaps between successive consciousness states for the simple reason that we will be unconscious of these `unconscious tenures` which will pass instantly for us )…

But I think this is wishful thinking…This option looks unlikely as it requires entropy to be brought down from near infinity to near zero. Unless The Super consciousness manages  a stupendous phase transition or something, this looks difficult to believe..but of course …any thing is possible.

The big obstacle to this hypothesis coming true is `the second law of thermodynamics`…ie How do we reduce entropy from near maximum to near zero?

Now lets talk about this `Entropy business ` ..about the second law of thermodynamics.

A serious understanding of the second law of thermodynamics will reveal that if `NOTHING` is in control..then the entropy (disorder) will either be constant or keep increasing…

But in living systems the entropy can some times be  negative, which means there is `SOMETHING ‘in control which causes the entropy to decrease …and `Order` to increase. .


A glass on the edge of the table falls down and is broken into pieces…we say that `Disorder` (I use Boltzman`s term and not `entropy`) has increased towards increase in time….time cannot be reversed back in the sense that the pieces of glass on their own cannot reassemble and climb up back on the table.
The glass was in a state of `Order` while it was on the table and then it fell down and the `disorder` started increasing as per the second law.
Now consider the earlier state of the glass…While it was being manufactured in an industry…Obviously it was less orderly and the `disorder` kept changing till it was completely ready and placed on the table…
Now you might say the system itself was changed.

So we ask the question…indeed the most pertinent of all questions :
How is it that human beings – who are themselves part of nature, being made up of trillions of constituent parts such as atoms and molecules – can alter the state of the system from `closed` to `open` or `open to `close` as they like and thus alter entropy ? ..and that they do it without changing the direction of time.
is it  CONSCIOUSNESS that does the trick ?
Now you might say ….about `Nature` …other then living systems…that Entropy (disorder) is either constant or increasing…which would imply that `NOTHING` is in control…. Here too I would say that there was `SOMETHING`…such as `possibly` the Super-consciousness of the Previous Aeon of the Universe, which by a certain – one off Action – `phase transition` or something caused the Entropy of the previous Aeon which was obviously at its maximum to zero, which we know was the case at the beginning of the present Aeon of the Universe.

That `One off action` could be the `Switching on` the big bang by pressing a button – after preparing a comprehensive computer programme – all done by that `SOMETHING` such as the `Infinite mind`….

You might say… That’s a tall order…..How can consciousness programme the entire universe so as to bring it back to that low  level entropy which is an essential requirement for the big bang to emerge ?

Now ..the universe is open.. expanding all the time…unlikely to stop expanding ..and so there is no question that  the entropy will not go on increasing…. What shall we do to reduce entropy?

Here`s the second possibility….Forget the rest of the universe…. Consider just individual galaxies , for example our own galaxy  `The Milky Way`… As the universe expands, the galaxies recede from each other.. ….Now this may not be the case in the next few billions of years when some galaxies may indeed run into each other, and it is  quite  likely that Andromeda may get married to and become one with the Milky way…But in  the distant future the galaxies will be so far apart from each other …they will have no influence on each other,  that you might consider each galaxy as a universe in itself. Now if each galaxy is considered as a universe in itself, its matter density is  reasonably high, and  the time will come … to create a possible move towards a big crunch, and thereby reverse the direction of entropy.

What if the combined super consciousness of the entire galaxy now comes into the picture..and prepares the programme and designs its own `unique universe` with its own `unique laws of Science` … Its own unique Anthropic Principle…and installs a timing device that will be switched on at the appropriate time – when the size of the galaxy is just about right so that inflation is unnecessary – to create a big bang and reverse the direction of entropy from order to disorder once again.. ie from contraction to expansion..and thus create a new and `uniquely imperfect universe` …albeit  a much smaller one. ..

Or maybe if the Superconsciousness is not intelligent enough to take that one off action of switching on the big bang, and the galaxies keep collapsing on themselves towards their black holes at the centres. Slow at first and gaining speed in course of time…It could still take billions of years. That could be the big crunch…. But the direction of time will still be positive towards future…

The glass that falls from the table will still be moving towards disorder…it will still not be able to reassemble on its own and climb back on the table. Its just that the orbit of the solar system around the centre of the galaxy will start reducing….

Only near the end will the situation become critical and dangerous. But by then the degrees of consciousnesses of the beings of the stars and the intelligence levels would have increased a thousand fold (or maybe a miilliionfold), enough to come together and form a super consciousness and then in time feed in the constants and press the appropriate buttons and at least achieve a somewhat controlled explosion of the black hole.

Its not for me to say (remember Johnny Mathis?)…what should be the technicalities to be taken care of in regard to the big bang thermodynamics or the Black hole/information/Entropy relationships, whatever…or where the Supercomputers and the control switches should be located. ..The Super consciousnesses will of course take care of all these details.

You might ask the  questions : …  What if, it turns out  that the degree of consciousness does not  reach  a sufficiently advanced stage when it can reverse the direction of entropy for its galaxy, in time, before the Steliferous era ends?

In that case there is this third possibility , And  I am most optimistic and hopeful of this one:

That this omnipresent – in space and time – mind of ours can effectively come out of time and space and then travel instantaneously to far of corners of  time and space of  the universe. It allows the Universe to proceed in its own way.. But the minds can travel back in time and stay within the stelliferous era and have a huge choice of biochemistries from a huge  variety of galaxies and times, to choose from. The degenerate and the dark eras may go on and on…but  all the stars – including Hollywood ones – will be with us.

Perhaps this is already going on and that portion of the mind which is within me might have come from the 65th billion year (since big bang) and it will keep travelling to and fro as it likes.. and when its tired…it will  go back and relax for sometime in deep future.

(Note…….this can also explain `Quantum entanglement’,’ Collapse of wave functions`,  `Observer participancy“Delayed choice experiment` etc etc) …and thats what I did in my book `Six words`.

In this alternative  there is only one universe where lives are lived in different regions of time. The mind keeps travelling to different regions of time (within 10^ 20 years after big bang stage ) and space ..entangling with biochemistries and getting consciousness…and remains mostly in the Stelliferrous era.

Those then are the three possible scenarios…



That the `Intelligent Field …The Omnipresent Infinite Mind`… is omnipresent not just in space, but also in time.

Is this possible?

Yes..I believe not only that this is possible…It is even probable.

You might ask the question…How can it be possible?… Where is the evidence ?

Let me try to answer this question – though its a difficult one – with a thought experiment…which they call it as the Gedankin experiment, in short let me show you the evidence :

Consider that I – call me `A2` – right now at this very moment decide to look outside the window towards the sky and start gazing at a galaxy. My friends tell me that it is such and such and it is seven billion light years away.

In that galaxy there is a star like our sun – I am looking at it too. Within the planetary system of that star there is a planet like our Earth – I am looking at it too. On that planet there is a man called `A1` and he too is looking outside his window – In principle no one can say that I am not looking at him now. I see him now, but according to him the universe is only seven billion years old, whereas according to me it is 14 billion years old (assumption), but we are in the same universe. Astonishing, is it not?   But of course `A1` knows the truth, he is a cosmologist. In principle it is also possible he is now thinking about me, as I am now starting to think about the man called `A3` on a planet orbiting a star in a galaxy which is 14 billion light years away, and it is he who is looking at me, and his universe is 28 billion light years old. I cannot see him as he is in my future. If I am really able to look that far out from my window I should then be looking at the big bang as it unfolds, same as A1 if he were looking as far out from his window as he is from me.

And then there is A4 whose universe is 56 billion years old, A5 whose universe is 112 billion years old, A6 (224 billion yrs), A7 (448 billion yrs), …. And so on and so forth.

So it seems  different people living in different galaxies scattered far apart from each other think the age of the universe as different from each other, we are just a select few who think the universe to be 14 billion years old.

Lets now talk about the `Mind`. Now this `Mind` is standing effectively outside of time and contemplating all this. The mind has no problem whatsoever in arranging this connectivity. All these guys A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, etc.. are now looking outside their windows and thinking about each other. They have studied quantum physics and cosmology and understand what’s happening. How can all this be possible unless it is the same mind everywhere – who was once the super conscious – .And so this good old mind of ours is not only omnipresent in space but also in time.

And …. in principle…. It explains Quantum entanglement. The mere fact that there is such a thing as quantum entanglement implies instant connectivity and this connectivity is impossible to imagine except by consideration of an omnipresent mind.



We have studied the universe from two angles and arrived at a conclusion that the universe indeed makes perfect sense. The first approach was on consideration that there need be only one universe designed by the all intelligent   Infinite mind  which is omnipresent in space. The second approach was on consideration that the said infinite mind is not just omnipresent in space, but also in time, and it travels to and fro in time and remains throughout in the stelliferrous era where stars are shining and life and consciousness is flourishing.

And with this infinite mind omnipresent in time and space…with the kind help of a certain equation A…. = B…… ,   (Atman = Brahman) we establish God and immortality at one stroke.

But we need to see  it from another angle…from another perspective…. whether this universe makes sense …or it doesn`t.

Consider for example the state of human and animal life on the planet Earth. There is happiness and there is strife…there is pleasure and there is pain in equal measure. We live for sometime..and then we get extinct.

Indeed as someone said :
“Life is valuable in itself. Nature has no reverence towards life. Nature treats life as it were the most valueless thing in the world. Produced million-fold it is for the greatest part rapidly annihilated or cast as prey before other life to feed it. This precisely is the master-method of producing ever-new forms of life. `Thou shalt not torture, thou shalt not inflict pain!` Nature is ignorant of this commandment. Its creatures depend upon racking each other in everlasting strife“

Indeed as someone  else said:

“We exist not in a universe of purpose, but one of absurdity and misunderst­anding. I look beneath the sentient puddle that is humanity and watch the sun slowly evaporate us into nonsensica­l extinction­“….

You might ask the question …How does this description of triviality of humanity and the universe measure up against the `Anthropic Principle `…or against the `Infinite Mind`

Well its like this: The universal law of probability implies that while the universe may be intelligently designed for all kinds of lives to emerge in different parts of it, there is nothing special about us human beings, nor is there anything special about any other kind of life in any other part of the universe.

Again the question may be asked: Why is so much of the Universe inhospitable, and our planet so vulnerable to cosmological or geological events ?, almost out to prove that all this is perhaps not meant for us.

Well its like this:

As far as inhospitality is concerned, Consider that you  are in a Supernova – an exploding star – there is nothing more inhospitab­le we can imagine, yet that is where we are manufactur­ed – nowhere else – that is where all the heavier elements are created, that would in course of time become tables and chairs, trees and plants, birds and animals, you and me.

And that is just one component/­unit of this…. intelligen­tly designed..­. Industrial universe.

The Universe and Humanity exists in spite of all odds piled up against.

The designer is constrained ….He needs to take the laws of causation, the second law of thermodynamics, and the law of probability…in his calculations.

And if we do that ..we realize that  `The mind` on its the mind acting alone…  cannot alter reality as some quantum spiritualist say. For consciousness …via the interactions of the world …is after all an emergent property of matter, no doubt its true that  this emergent property also has an effect on the matter that it is an emergent property of. And so social, human reality is an emergent property of a collective consciousness, which is in turn considered an emergent property of matter and so forth.

And so it has to be understood..that above everything else ..are the interactions of the world..via the law of causation and of course  the law of probability

In short we are to cope with ..or deal with …`Randomness`… and so the realisation must manifest itself sooner than latter…That if, we the human beings are moving towards extinction…The infinite mind …however omnipresent it might be…is not going to come to our rescue…and that we need to create our own probabilities for survival from extinction.

And the first requirement for that is a common religion… based on a SMOP that is acceptable to all.

Now I am not saying that SMOP is the ultimate truth…May be its not…maybe it needs revisions and modifications. But I believe it is good enough to bind people of all religions, of all nations. Let us use it at least, as a temporary model of philosophy, good enough to survive the next few centuries and come out unscathed from the present danger zone….Live as long as the Climate and biochemistry of the planet Earth allows us to live…And then make plans to colonize the galaxy.

There will be time enough later to get at the ultimate truth.

My  book… “SIX WORDS“…which is in fact an autobiography of a Quark from the Big Bang onwards… in its entirety is an attempt to find the probable answers to the questions regarding the universe, life,  and consciousness,  in a way  such that if our lives are ordered on the basis of these answers, we may be able to survive long enough to find the true answers to these questions, and thus arrive at a perfect `Standard Model Of Truth` where the last word `Truth` replaces the word `Philosophy`


And finally :


“Its not that I wrote this book “Six Words“…It is that it was written by me…I even do not know….if this ..writing of the book is attributed  mainly to the revolving doors of chance or to a certain law of the universe..which  has increased the probability that books of this kind should be written to prevent  the human civilization from getting extinct“







1)  Why is SMOP necessary?

The answer is simple : To prevent the human civilization from self destructing itself

CONSIDER THE STATISTICS….Arrived at after a detailed study of the population records of the planet .

In one hundred thousand years (ending 1900 AD) the population of the world increased from a few thousands to about 2 billion, in the next one hundred years it trebled to 6 billion, presently it stands at 6.9 billion .

10 percent of all the human beings who ever lived on the planet earth are still alive today in the year 2014 (Assuming about 62 billion deaths so far).

If The figure `10` in the above statement is considered as the `P` Factor corresponding to the year 2014.This factor keeps rising with time. Its value was only about `3` in the year 1900.

The rate of increase of population has also been increasing though non uniformly From trebling in 5000 years at one stage near the beginning to trebling in 100 years in the last century

Even if we assume there is no further increase in the rate of increase ie trebling every 100 years, the factor P will increase to about 21.5 in the year 2114, and about 36 in the year 2214. Thus in the year 2214, we could make the following statement :
“36 percent of all the human beings who ever lived on the planet Earth are still alive today in the year 2214 (Assuming about 60 billion still living and 104 billion deaths so far)“
From the above…It looks like… That not only all who are leaving are coming back again but there are others who are joining us on a regular basis, perhaps from other life forms.

Perhaps it may not be incorrect to assume that `Not a single human being who was ever at any stage alive on this planet Earth, is not alive today`.

But these population levels will not be sustained.

Wisdom will have to eventually kick in and eliminate the folly of overpopulation…
But a serious realization to that effect has not manifested itself till now…. Nothing much is happening in this regard….
If the rising trend continues, nuclear wars will become imminent.

The notion that large scale conventional wars may help in reducing population levels is not correct. The 20th century witnessed several wars including two world wars and the number of lives lost was unmatched in any previous century, yet the real population explosion took place in the 20th century, in fact the rate of increase of population experienced a sudden surge around the year 1930.
Nuclear wars followed by chain reactions are the only way of causing sudden massive falls in world population, but it is also the only way of causing the extinction of the human race from the planet.

Even If we assume the probable chance of a nuclear attack as low as 1 in 200 per calendar year, and a probable chance of the conflict getting global as 1 in 4 for each nuclear attack, the probability of self destruction can be worked out   –  as nearly 50% in 250 years and in excess of 90 % in the next 500 years.

This is a chilling thought….And time is running out for us …
It is high time that `Survival of human race` must become the most important subject to be taught in universities all over the world.

And the syllabus must include `Convergence of Science and religion to end conflicts between nations…not to mention within nations`…and the best bet to ensure such a convergence is an understanding of reality that has the best chance of acceptance by all religions…such as for example `SMOP`


2) Who are  you and what made you write this book ?

Yes….Who am I ? , What exactly is my locus standii ?, And who has given me the requisite authority to talk on such serious issues as `SMOP`?…and why did I write this book.

Good question…And I know… there is not a very big line  of Qualifications against my name…Just BSc (Maths)  1959 from Bombay University, BSc Engg (Civil) from T.I.E.T Patiala 1964…Member of the Institution of Engineers…a Structural Engineer…

No big deal.

On second thoughts …

A  Structural Engineer is the need of the hour…

You see, This technological civilization of the planet Earth is like a tall building that has developed cracks due to overloading and differential settlement of the foundations, the collapse is imminent, it’s just a question of time before the cracks start widening and failure starts.

Stephen Hawking thinks 200 years is all the time left out for us. Martin Rees is even more pessimistic and feels the 21st century is our `Final century`. They all know the most likely causes, rising populations, depletion of resources, nuclear wars. Stephen Hawking has even suggested that colonizing the galaxy is the only alternative and must be achieved within these 200 years, which of course appears to be out of the question.

We need  to redesign the structure.

Here the `overloading` corresponds of course to the population explosion, the ` differential settlement of foundations` corresponds to the  non uniform depletion of resources that support the structure, the `development of cracks`  correspond to the phenomena of conflicts and wars, and `collapse and failure` corresponds to nuclear warfare and its chain reactions. Stephen Hawking thinks we have no option other than vacating the premises and shifting to other buildings ( He means colonising the galaxy). But the time is running out.

“How much time is required to develop fusion power and other technologies to construct large space vehicles that can travel at least as fast as one thousandth the speed of light? Even at that speed it will take 10000 years to cover about 10 light years distance from one planetary system to another. After halting at these destinations for about 10000 years we may then move forward on the next interstellar journeys. The space vehicles have to be large enough to have their own biosphere and containing a social unit of millions of people.“  … (Refer Cosmology …by Edward Harrisson)

These objectives are not impossible to achieve, but even a highly optimistic assessment would require a few thousands of years, it certainly looks improbable in a few hundred years which is the time left at our disposal.

So the structure needs to be retrofitted, redesigned, and the time is running out.

But why me ?

Well…we can blame it on the interactions of the World…For I am the one …the `bothered structural engineer`… who was bothered all the time with these thoughts.

And that I should write this book `Six words`

So you see ..there was no way I could avoid the responsibility of preparing that design… Preparing that SMOP

But I needed the wisdom of the great Scientists and philosophers to prepare the design.

So I read books ….Quite a few of them …on Quantum Physics, Cosmology, and of course Philosophy.

In chapter Six of  `Six Words`,  I begin with the Pink Floyd line …“There is someone in my head and its not me“…. from the album.. `Dark side of the moon`.

That someone in my head is of course the wisdom and philosophy of the great scientists and philosophers whose books I read. I invited these great scientists and philosophers Albert  Einstein, Erwin Schrodinger, Charles Sherrington, John Wheeler, Eugene Wigner, Roger Penrose, Paul Davies, Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant, to name just a few, into an imaginary seminar to give their presentations. And then I was on the stage myself,  to prepare a summum bonum of their philosophies, and with a little insight of my own  arrived at the standard model.

And then I end this  long chapter (nearly two thirds  of the whole book) with the Hank Williams line “I saw the light…I saw the light…no more darkness…no more night…I am so happy, no sorrow insight…praise  the Lord…I saw the light“.


Earlier at the time of elaborating on the six main features of SMOP, we said that  there is   no reason to believe that any of these (features) can for any reason, be unacceptable to any of those sections of the human society (call this category of people as Category `A`) who  desire to live in peace and harmony, and who believe in the principle `To live and let live`.

You might ask the question… But there are those sections of the human society who do not fall in the above category, and there are quite a large number of people in this world, who have no particular desire to live in peace and harmony (Call this category of people as Category `B` …How do we take care of them?

Indeed they need to be taken care of…if the collapse of the human civilization is to be averted. The quantum of population that falls in category `B` needs to be reduced till it becomes zero.

How do we do that ?

By education of course …by explaining the Cause and effect phenomena (the third feature of the standard model), by understanding  that a typical human being anywhere in the World ( originally a Category `A` person) wants  to live in peace and that the average moral standard  is the same in all countries and does not differ from country to country as it is not a measure of `temperature` or `humidity’. The average quotient `qx` pertaining to the desire to `Live and let live` is also generally the same for all countries provided the corresponding quotient `qy` pertaining to the leaders of the country is greater than or at least equal to `qx`. By explaining that it’s the laws of causation that govern what happens, and it is this phenomena of cause and effect and the interactions of the World which lead to the coming together of millions of atoms and molecules and  arrive as a  speck of jelly, and it is the same phenomena which   is  responsible for the said speck of jelly to go on to become either Hitler, or Gandhi, or Einstein, or you and me. Each of us is subject to specific and unique set of interactions, memories of which keep getting stored in our brains and all our actions are dictated by these interactions. Carrying forward this logic, it can be shown that a person with a substantially small `qx` value (a category `B` person) is not responsible for his actions. That he undertook his category `B` type actions either  as a paid employee of someone  with an ill conceived notion of  religion, or he himself performed these actions based on his own improper understanding of religion.

In essence we do not have free will…for it’s the interactions of the world on us that make us what we are. But the realization having manifested itself on us – due to these interactions – that we do not have free will,  implies that NOW we have the free will to do what we  like to do…. And maybe improve our future interactions.

But all that is easier said than done … How do we impart such education on the Category `B `population?

Indeed, from practical considerations it is advisable not to have tea with them  (Einstein’s words) and the only way out is  by raising  their  `intelligence` to a level that exceeds their `ego`  by  remote control  means through a proper understanding of the past interactions which caused their  `qx` to fall , and suggesting ways and means as to how they can, by  improving  their interactions,  raise their `qx` levels, as well as improve their category from `B` to `A`.

You might ask the question … What exactly do we mean by `Remote control means`.


The answer to this last question …is what the book `Six Words` is all about. Chapter six A to E  of the book is about a contrived Seminar enacted and shown live worldwide…in a parallel universe of course…where the great Scientists and Philosophers of the World discuss Science and Philosophy and make available in their presentations…their philosophical view points… And then yours truly  is on the stage himself,  to prepare a summum bonum of their philosophies, and with a little insight of his own  arrives at the SMOP via the Six Words.

`The seminar` …impacted the World significantly… in that parallel universe of course.

Will there be a seminar like that on the Planet Earth…that can unite the world… that can unite all religions into one…that can ensure that the equation e  = m*c*c is used for the development of the world and not for its destruction.

Indeed …the subject “How to prevent the human civilization from self destructing itself“…must become the most important subject to be taught in universities across the world.

And the syllabus must include  ….“`THE SMOP“`

And finally :


“Its not that I wrote this book “Six Words“…It is that it was written by me…I even do not know….if this ..writing of the book is attributed  mainly to the revolving doors of chance or to a certain law of the universe..which  has increased the probability that books of this kind should be written to prevent  the human civilization from getting extinct“


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