(An extract from my book `INTELLIGENT FIELD`)
After all the Information in the Field about the Geopolitics of the planet Earth has been processed … after all the philosophies have been discussed, let us take stock of the situation and figure out what lies ahead.

Recall the statement
“Nearly every human being who was ever at any stage alive on this planet earth is alive today“
All the souls – assuming souls exist = that were once entrapped in human bodies, kept coming back, albeit in new clothes, and perhaps after taking some short breaks in between lives, they are still there.

Let us take an inventory of souls.
Currently there are about 7.4 billion souls entrapped in human bodies, and maybe a few hundred thousand taking a break and preparing to re-enter new bodies, and quite a few new members arriving from different species after passing the qualifying tests.
In the year 1900 the number of souls was just about 2 billion. They have all come back and are among the 7.4 billion, the other 5.4 billion arrived from different life forms.
One hundred years from now if somehow there are no nuclear wars and the population keeps rising on expected lines, the number of souls in live human bodies is expected to be about 18 billion, all 7.4 billion available now will be there, in addition about 10.6 billion are expected to arrive from other life forms. For obvious reasons, as explained earlier, this will not be sustained and nuclear wars will be unavoidable.
Four possible scenarios are discussed … but there can be many other possible scenarios lying somewhere in between.

The most optimistic one where good sense prevails urgently. To be discussed in the end.

Now if in the next few years, there is a nuclear war followed by some sort of chain reaction, resulting in the death of about 1.4 billion human beings, we will be left with about 6 billion souls inside human bodies and 1.4 billion of them outside .. hovering somewhere in the atmosphere… and hoping to re-enter back to life soon after taking a short break. But the trouble is … there will not exist an environment to take back more than just a few of them in the immediate future. Others will have to wait for long time, perhaps several years. The current Intake of souls per day (Number of births) is about 200000. This number will reduce to about 200000*6/7.4 = about 162000 per day, perhaps only to about 140000 per day due to the shocked populace, consequent on the nuclear wars. Rate of intake will of course increase again with time. Still It could take nearly 5500 days … about 15 years’ time before all these souls are taken back. That’s a pretty long waiting list. During this period about 1.2 billion of the available 6 billion souls will come out of the bodies and join those in the waiting list but at the rear end.

And what if, near the end of this century.. say a war lasting for five years from 2095 to 2100, there is a major Nuclear war followed by a global chain reaction and only about 1 billion out of about 15 billion survive and fourteen billion souls come out into the atmosphere, with nowhere to go, and nothing to do except wait for perhaps several hundred years for a chance to come back inside a human body. It is also possible these one billion survivors may plan for themselves a golden age and enact strict laws to ensure only a gradual increase in population @ say 1% per year and then fix an upper limit of say 4 billion or so. This limit would probably be reached in about 140 years. And there is no guarantee that the original 1 billion will all be among the 4 billion. In all probability a good number will come from the 14 billion stranded earlier on. So it turns out something like this : from the year 2200 onwards 4 billion souls will be inside human bodies and another 11 billion souls hovering in the atmosphere. Assuming average life expectancy as about one hundred years, it will mean an average waiting period of 275 years.
Still not too bad provided all these souls waiting in the atmosphere do not have an awareness of getting bored and impatient.

And what if … a few centuries from now … or even before that … with about 20 billion as the World population at the time …. There is a surge of Catastrophic global nuclear wars followed by radiation reaching out throughout the globe. All 20 billion die and all the souls are out in the open. No human beings anywhere, no environment or biochemistry available for obtaining human consciousness.

Where will the 20 billion souls go to? Stranded in Interstellar space … I think … It will be quite a while …perhaps tens of thousands of years before a similar biochemistry is available again on the planet Earth. We do not know to what extent or to what degree will the souls be aware of themselves. We know there is an `Intelligent Field` out there … for even a single celled creature such as a paramecium is smart enough to swim towards food, negotiate obstacles en-route and try to escape from danger. But the quantum of Intelligence is a measure of the information in the field, and at this stage we cannot say what that information will be available in the field, when we are stranded in space following the self-destruction of the human species. Whether we should wait patiently for that biochemistry to evolve again … or lose patience and hitchhike to another star system and hope for the best.

Or may be … get inside Termites … plenty of food available.
A chilling thought.
What`s more … The `Cosmic Mind ` will not come to our rescue.
So at any cost, Scenario Four must be avoided … and the best bet is to remain in Scenario One .. ie GOOD SENSE MUST PREVAIL. An integrated approach must be followed to ensure the population takes a U-turn at the 10 billion level and then stabilizes at the 7.5 billion mark.
An integrate approach is also required to ensure that Nuclear Wars are completed avoided.
But time is running out for this.

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