In the Indian Upanishads there is an equation `A = B`,
or rather A…. = B……

`The personal self equals the omnipresent eternal self`.

This equation was arrived at by intuition alone with the available knowledge/information at the time, which did not include knowledge about Quantum Physics,  Einstein`s Relativity, or even Newton`s laws.

We are now in the 21st century and our minds are half way through in the journey towards becoming `Super minds`.  While it is true we have gained immense knowledge since the days of the Upanishads, we have also realized that for every question that gets answered several new questions prop up and it seems that the quantum of knowledge still to be gained keeps rising all the time.
Now the above equation is unprovable , we all know that, but it answers many of the questions the new Science is asking us,  and the closer we get to the Super mind stage the more we realize its potential of `making sense` and with it the realization that the universe itself  perhaps makes sense.
This book shows how this equation leads to the `Six words`, the six words that show why or how this universe makes sense. These are not ptrovable, too. Again this requires the initial condition (belief) to be that the universe makes sense.

But  what do we mean when we say that the universe makes sense ?
It means I am alive and conscious of the fact that the Universe exists.
For, if I am not conscious, then where is the Universe?
On second thoughts, where is the Universe anyway?
What is the ratio of matter to emptiness?
I am thinking….      Is this a universe of pure thought?

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