We all live in the same hotel… It has 10^ 74 rooms …. The occupancy is very low.
Some years back, on a bright and sunny day, while being driven from Residence (Time) To Office (Imagine), I wasn`t carrying a book or a newspaper that I always do, so to pass time I got myself involved in some calculations. I gave myself a problem:

“If all the matter in the universe is utilized to make a Hotel, how many hotel rooms are there in that hotel ?“
This wasn`t at all difficult provided the assumptions are correct. I assumed the number of atoms in the universe as about 10 ^ 81 ( as per Eddington), the radius of an atom as 0.000000005 cm and the average room size as 4m x 4m x 3.2m, and the number of hotel rooms are worked out as = ( 10 ^81)* 1.33 * 3.14* ( 5*(10^ – 9)) ^3/ 4*4*3.2*(10^6) = About 10^ 49 rooms.

Next question : If the entire volume of all the space – including interstellar space as well as intergalactic space – in the universe is utilized as available space for constructing the hotel, how many hotel rooms are there in the hotel.

Apart from above stated assumption, we need to know the average density of matter in the universe. I am told it is about 0.2 atoms ( excluding dark matter) per cubic.m of space (Martin Rees). So the empty space divided by space occupied by matter works out as =
1/ 0.2*1.33*3.14*(5*(10^-9))^3 = 10^ 25
So the number of hotel rooms is worked out as 10^49*10^25 = 10^74 rooms
Next question : How many rooms are occupied by intelligent beings (couples)
Again we need to make some assumptions, here is a list of the assumptions:
Population of human beings ( assummed intelligent) = about 7 billion.
Probable number of Intelligent civilizations who might have sometime lived in our galaxy `Milky way` as about 100000
Probable number of intelligent civilizations currently living in the galaxy `Milky Way`is about 1000 (Ed. Harrison … also see chapter five of Six Words), assuming also that the remaining 99000 intelligent civilizations have self destructed themselves, as our own civilization is also planning to do.
Probable number of galaxies in the universe is about 100 billion (google)
Hence total number of couples occupying rooms = 7*10^9*10^3* 10^2*10^9/2
=3.5*10^ 23 …say 10^ 24 (assuming my grandson does this calculation in the year 2100).
So how many rooms are occupied by couples?
Simple …just one room out of every 10^50 rooms.
What a waste of space
I reached K.R.Puram … still another about 25 minutes of travel time left

What should I calculate?

Consider the trillions and trillions of cells in my body, and consider the quarks in each cell … or rather the couples… protons and neutrons (made up of three quarks each)… that make up the nucleus of each atom.
And they all say : we all live in the same hotel. …it has god knows how many rooms …
And that Hotel … Its me…. Hotel SKS … I am their universe.
Each cell is a hotel room … quite congested with atoms and molecules … but the couples in each atom are quite comfortable with considerable space to themselves …enough space for about 14000 trillion couples ( assuming the radius of the nucleus as about 0.00000000000005 cm). ..Like a grain of sand living in a huge auditorium.
What a waste of space… not at all a cost effective design.
On human being scales it works out just about three or four human beings living in the whole of Mumbai.
I`m thinking….That must be extremely lonely. How can we bring them together?
I guess you will have to go to a Neutron star and if you want to see something like that on the planet Earth, where all the electrons merge with their nuclei, the size of the Earth will reduce to that of a moderate size shopping mall with no reduction in its mass. Further if the Entire mass of the Earth is assumed as made up of human beings it will be something like Forty-five Billion Trillion men and women cramped within that shopping mall.
I`m thinking again ….That will be very congested.
True…But not as congested as in a Black Hole where all of them will have to manage inside a Ping-Pong ball.
Traffic jam near Hoody Junction… but the music in the car is good … Benny Goodman
We move on …. I think of these trillions of cells inside me… each one is a unit life in itself… each one is aware of itself in the singular… never in the plural … but I am the Hotel SKS where they all are staying inside me … and I am conscious of the fact that I am in possession of the sum total of the awareness of all these trillions of cells, but my own consciousness is somehow also in the singular.
I am thinking .. just as I am conscious of the combined awareness of the trillions of cells inside me…there must be some sort of Super consciousness which is conscious of the fact that it is in possession of the sum total of the consciousness/awareness of the trillions of living creatures across the universe, and that that Superconsciousness is itself in the singular.
Its just a question of scale.
And that Super consciousness is the Hotel where we all live.
And its called `Hotel Brahman`
How the mind wavers.
I reach office… and as I walk to my room … I recall the equation:

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