“ Thank you Professor Roy for your kind words and for giving me this opportunity to give a presentation on `SIX WORDS` (my first book), and to talk on “The Cosmic Travelling Mind“ which is the central theme of my forthcoming book “INTELLIGENT FIELD“. The last few months of my interactions with Dr. Baldev Raj (Director NIAS) and your good self, leading up to this presentation have been memorable for me. I also would like to thank Dr. Baldev Raj for participating in a very interesting discussion with me and Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain Ex Head of the Physics department at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee on deep philosophy of mind, consciousness and soul. Hopefully that discussion will continue. “
Before I talk about `The Travelling Cosmic Mind` I would like to present a video  .. a short film .. on `SIX WORDS“
( The Video can be watched on you tube … “SIX WORDS..THE VIDEO INTRODUCTION ..SKSAGAR“  … Duration about 26 minutes)
The Talk Resumed:
“The concept of a Cosmic Travelling Mind is a challenging one where I seem to be venturing into a hitherto uncharted territory. Notwithstanding the fact that some people may consider it as `Fairy Tale Idea`, I personally feel it can .. to some extent .. be spiritually uplifting, and along with the central theme of Six Words can unite the religions of the world which is a requirement to end conflicts and wars.
I start with a question :
Should our Universe make sense? … in other words `Is making sense a requirement that the universe must fulfil?  Somehow it looks as if Scientists are not too much interested in answering this question.
Scientists will someday have a complete understanding of what is dark matter…what is dark energy…Scientists will someday have a theory that explains everything about matter and energy…  …but can that theory be called as a `Theory of Everything` … can we say… that will be the end of physics.
I don`t think so. Any `Theory of Everything` that does not take into account Mind and consciousness and its impact on Matter and energy is incomplete.  Any theory that does not guarantee a continuity of a universe with life and consciousness is incomplete.  In fact this aspect must be set as a precondition for arriving at any meaningful TOE. Any theory that leads towards a future of perpetual nothingness and ends there, is unacceptable to the thinking mind.
Let us keep watching the phenomena…Let us keep flooding ourselves with information.
In the words of John Wheeler:
“In time to come, a single simple sentence will explain the strangeness of the Universe and as we say that sentence to each other we`ll say-Oh how beautiful- how could we have missed it all that time? “
One such candidate for a single simple sentence is this sentence of just six words: “WE ALL HAVE THE SAME MIND“
Its just that our consciousness is in the singular.
It’s a Travelling Cosmic Mind that gives us everlasting consciousness. An intelligent Field which is forever and always on the lookout for creating an appropriate biochemistry to give itself consciousness and then understand itself and the universe … and hence allows the universe to make sense.
We ask the question: Why `Travelling`? Is this `Intelligent Field` not Omni present in Time and Space as is the “Electromagnetic Field ` and the `Gravitational Field`?
To answer the question, we need to understand the future of the universe. As per the existing theories of the universe, notwithstanding the fact that they might still be in the domain of philosophy, there is a reasonable consensus of opinion that there are five distinct stages in the life of the universe, in each of which the universe looks completely different.
To begin with the universe has a long life …in excess of 10 ^ 100 years ie more than ten thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years, and the five distinct eras of the universe are as follows:
The first period is called the `PRIMORDIAL ERA` which lasts about three hundred thousand years… No stars … no galaxies. nothing but radiation … no atoms formed …. extremely high temperatures… reducing all the time.
The second period is called the `STELLIFEROUS ERA` which begins as the Primordial Era ends and lasts for about a thousand trillion years ie about 10 ^ 15 years. We are currently living in this era and the current age of the universe is about 13.7 billion years which is less than 1 in 70000 parts of even the Stelliferrous Era. So the Universe is currently just an infant.. or maybe a new born baby. What happens in the Stelliferrous Era?  Galaxies are getting formed… Stars are shinning … Life and consciousness is flourishing. We are in the Stelliferrous Era. Liquid water is available and carbon based life is possible at many locations ( Star systems with planets) in this period.
The third period is called the `DEGENERATE ERA` . Stars stop shining and start dying and the dead stellar remnants such as Brown dwarfs, White Dwarfs, Neutron stars and Black holes constitute the inventory of this era. This period lasts till about 10^40 years (since the big bang). About a hundred trillion years might be a common overlapping period between the two eras. Many of these dead stars, collide with each other, scatter into space, and into nothingness. Of these only The outer atmospheres of large White dwarfs which can support interesting chemical actions, are possible candidates for supporting some sort of an abstract life. The energy source could be the radiation field heating from within. Though Carbon, oxygen, and many other elements required for supporting life will be available. Liquid water will be missing, and that is why the nature of life will be quite different from what it is on earth.
The fourth period is called the `BLACKHOLE ERA` which lasts for about trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years going all the way up to 10^100 years since the big bang. Black holes inherit the universe, warp space and time, evaporate their mass energy, and make an explosive exit.
Life is extremely difficult in this longest lasting of the four Eras, unless life is of a highly abstract nature, with actual matter not taking any part in the proceedings. According to Freeman Dyson the metabolic rate of an abstract creature is proportional to its operating temperature and so is the rate of consciousness. The largest temperature accessible at black hole surfaces is about a billion times smaller than the operating temperature of a human being. Accordingly, the rate of consciousness is slower by a factor of several billion.
The Final   era is called the `DARK ERA`.. goes beyond 10^100 years .. looks like never ending .. nothing going on here except photons moving here and there.
We ask the question: For how long can we expect life and consciousness to exist with a reasonably high rate and degree of consciousness ?
A reasonable estimate is 10 ^ 15 years ie upto the end of the Stelliferrous era. However even if we consider an overlapping period lasting about a thousand times longer than the Stelliferrous era into the degenerate era (which is highly improbable).  The most optimistic estimate is worked out as 10 ^ 18 years since the big bang.
Now compare this with the least optimistic estimate of the life of the universe at 10 ^ 100 years ie completely ignoring the Dark Era of the deepest future.
What do we get ?
That life and consciousness flourishing with a good rate and degree of consciousness … lasts for only one unit of time out of nearly 10^ 82 units of time.
Does this make sense at all ?
And even in this short spell of time … there is nothing very special or unique about the Human being… he has to compete with,  may be a thousand other intelligent civilizations, many of them may be technologically more advanced than us.

Does that make any sense at all? .. that intelligent life with a reasonably high degree of consciousness exists only for one unit of time out of nearly 10^82 units of time… Is that making sense? … or can we say that making sense is not a requirement that the universe must fulfill?
But we are conscious … we have always been conscious (even if there were intervening periods of unconsciousness… we were unconsciousness of these unconscious tenures … so they passed quickly). Indeed, we are forever conscious for we do not remember ever asking the question: `Where is the universe for me?
In short it cannot be that the universe does not make sense.
How does the `Intelligent field` resolve this dilemma?
I can only speculate … with a wild imagination … but there is a good chance I may be right … for that’s the only way out. That this mind of ours is nothing other than  a  “TRAVELLING COSMIC MIND“
To remain forever conscious, the only requirement is that we remain forever in the Stelliferrous Era where Stars are shining  ( Including Hollywood ones), and life and consciousness is flourishing. And the only way this can happen is… if we consider our `mind` to be integral with a cosmic mind that can travel backwards and forwards in time and thus remain forever in the Stelliferrous Era. In short if our mind is an omnipresent `Infinite mind`, omnipresent not just in space but also in time.
In short … the mind doesn`t travel into the deep future … for the simple reason that it cannot obtain consciousness over there.
But is that possible?
I should say It is distinctly possible… in fact it is impossible to be impossible.
In the video on `Six Words` which was shown earlier I described a thought experiment to show how the mind can travel in time.

Perhaps you might think this is difficult to understand .. that it requires TELEOLOGY to be incorporated in our understanding. At this stage of our knowledge we cannot rule out the possibility that the only way to “round up” our understanding of reality may even require `TELEOLOGY` or something similar, like `ENTELECHY`.
That there are some paradoxes involved that can`t be removed till our understanding is complete.
To drive home this aspect let me talk for a few minutes on something called `TIME DILATION`
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
While it is impossible to travel at the speed of light unless we are ok to be infinitely massive, here is however a thought experiment to see if it helps to improve our understanding of this thing called `Time Dilation`
Suppose now that the singer Pat Boone at 2.00pm starts singing the song `Bernardine` to Bernardine …. and precisely at starting time leaves Bernardine at place `A` at light speed. He travels for two minutes while singing all the time till he reaches a point `B` two light minutes away from  `A`. During these two minutes he sings:
“OOOO Bernardine …O O O Bernardine … I can tell by the dimple on your chin, you`re in beautiful shape for the shape you are in, and I am in shape for Bernardine“
and so on … upto the line:
“Bernardine… Bernardine … Come away with me now in my rocket propelled machine“
The hoarseness in my voice is spoiling the party .. so I`ll play the original Pat Boone version.
Pat Boone stops singing as soon as he reaches `B` and the last word in the song at that stage was `machine`
Bernardine who normally keeps smiling and dancing whenever Pat Boone sings to her .. started to smile as usual, but pretty soon (on this day) her smile turned to frown as she saw Pat Boone could not proceed beyond `OOOO`. She could not hear his voice of course but saw the open mouth expression.  On his part Pat Boone saw Bernardine smiling … stuck at her initial expression … and continued to see the same  smile with the same expression on her face and there was no way he could see the frown until after he reached point `B` and stopped travelling.
What happened actually?
Simple … Bernardine`s clock moved from 2.00 pm to two minutes past two. So when she looked at Pat Boone at two minutes past two she was looking at her past (two minutes back) when he started singing with the word `OOOO`…. and throughout these two minutes it was the same open mouthed expression.
Now coming back to Pat Boone – Considering `Time Dilation` and applying  the Lorentz Transformation to the equations of motion – it would mean that Pat Boone in his time frame reached point `B` in no time at all, and in this time (no time) he reached that instant of time where he finished singing the portion of song till `machine`.
This may appear strange, but when we open our eyes, we can `in no time at all`  look at a star millions of light years away, and see what is happening there… maybe it happened millions of years back but the star is the same. Our mind has made the connection. It is after all a `Travelling Cosmic Mind`
No doubt … the situation is counter intuitive and paradoxical … but this aspect is a measure of the limitations in our understanding, once a full understanding is reached the paradoxes will disappear, till such time we are to live with them. We all know what might happen if any thing moves faster than speed of light, the paradoxes will be absolutely unbelievable, but I doubt if the paradoxes suddenly get created when speed of light is exceeded. It will be more understandable if they start appearing gradually when nearing the speed of light, and are well accounted for, explained, and taken care of by some such thing as  `Lorentz transformation`.
In day to day events we are unaffected by these complexities. Even if one travels in a space ship at one million KM per hour, instants of time will not change by more than about 0.00001 percent. I believe `Time Dilation` is correct . If an equation has been developed ( via Lorentz Transformation`) which works out the accurate extent to which the Times Dilate or the Lengths Contract, and the same has been accepted by all the great Scientists of the world, and experiments have been carried out to prove its authenticity, I should call it an established truth. Einstein lived a long time after the idea was established, and did not change his mind or his views on the subject. He would have done so had he been convinced
And, in principle…. It explains Quantum entanglement. The mere fact that there is such a thing as quantum entanglement implies instant connectivity and this connectivity is impossible to imagine except by consideration of an omnipresent mind.

Now let us bring in the intelligent as well as the participating observer. He has two categories of intelligences built in inside of him viz a) the permanent and the all intelligent mind. Let`s call it `M`, and b) the temporary and the acquired intelligence – through the interactions of the world – vide consciousness. Let’s call it `C`.
When this mind `M` is engulfed in `matter` of certain proportions through the medium of a certain biochemistry, the resulting consciousness `C` – with the help of interactions of the world that impart information and intelligence (The temporary type) to it –  can  as per Wigner`s Hypothesis `collapse the wave functions` whenever it makes an observation.
The concept of the `Travelling Cosmic mind` also takes care of dispensing with the requirement of a `Multiverse Theory` which requires the existence of millions and millions of universes, so that at least one universe – based on probability theory – has absolutely the precise mathematical constants of nature – as in this universe – so that life and consciousness will appear and then understand the universe.
Only one universe is required where lives are lived in different regions of time. The mind keeps travelling to different regions of time (within 10^ 18 years after big bang stage) and space ..entangling with biochemistries… and getting consciousness…and remains mostly in the Stelliferrous era.
It also dispenses with the requirement that the big bang took place at Time Zero as  an  `Act of God`.
However the idea of a `Travelling Cosmic Mind` does necessitate the requirement of a long history of  several previous Eons of the universe … leading in the end to a primordial consciousness  – just ontologically prior to the physical realities  of the current Eon of the universe – that contained the coded information for constructing a possible new universe and that can apprehend and appreciate any physical universe that exists.
And that `coded information`  … constitutes the design of the new universe … complete with all the fine-tuned mathematical constants built into the programme,  that will ensure life and consciousness to appear and theoretical physicists to arrive and then understand the universe.
We   could call this `primordial consciousness` as an `Intelligent Field`. And this Intelligent field evolved over the years and is still evolving. The question may be asked: Is this `Intelligent Field` or `The information contained in it`  tself a product of simulation which then simulates the universe?.
The Answer: Why not ?
Next question: Could it be that the very first simulation was just a `Thought`?
The answer Its not impossible
Next question: Can it be that the current Eon of the universe is the last and final ?
The Answer: I should say it can be, provided the Travelling Cosmic Mind was a perfect design.
But in this last and final Eon of the universe… Is it really possible that lives are lived in different regions of time, simultaneously.
Why not? …When I look at `A1` ( refer the Video on ` Six Words` shown some time back),  I see him clearly ( assuming, of course, an immensely powerful telescope at my disposal). He is alive and kicking and I know that he is living in a region of time which is about 7 billion years since big bang. And I am alive , and I know that I am living in a region of time that is about 14 billion years since the big bang. And `A3` is looking at me, and catches me while I am looking at `A1`… and `A3` is alive and he knows that he is in a region of time which is 28 billion years since the big bang.
Its like an infinitely long train  – travelling at the speed of light –  that left the station trillions of years back .. but my compartment left that station only 14 billion years back,  and is currently passing through a point that is located 14 billion light years from the station.
Now the question may be asked that if there is nothing special about the human beings …. That there may be several other technological civilizations substantially more advanced than us … Then why try to save us  – human beings –  from extinction?
Well its like this: The planet Earth is the only place where we are sure of having observed or experienced life. For all the high probability of life and consciousness existing in different corners of the cosmos, none of us can afford to gamble away the only civilization that we know of, i.e. the one on our dear earth.  Besides… I do find the  human beings as unique and interesting… and this is a nice world … There is life and consciousness …There is Science and knowledge to be gained …There is spirituality … There is Music, art and culture … There is tennis, football, and Cricket … There is love and happiness … There are babies, moms, and dads … There is development, money and comfortable living … In short this indeed is a nice world …Why should we lose it ?

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