Nuclear Conscience


It is better for peace in the world if this is widely read.

Its a privilege to be the first – on Amazon –  to review this book of extraordinary significance.

Andrew Brown has written a masterpiece about the life and times of Joseph Rotblat, a nuclear scientist par excellence, whose excellence was demonstrated even more in making the scientists of his time to understand their ethical responsibility and leading them on to  play  a vital role in launching an ethical revolution. Joseph Rotblat dedicated his life for furtherance of peace among nations, and above all the prevention of nuclear wars. He was the main driving force behind the Pug wash movement – the conferences – which bring together from around the world, influential scientists, scholars and public figures concerned with the danger of armed conflicts,  to seek solutions for global problems.  The stimulus for these conferences was provided by a Manifesto issued by Einstein and Bertrand Russell in 1955.

The book is a historical review of events of the twentieth century .. not necessarily described in a sequential way. But all the essential information is there. The author has placed all the  cards  on the table with regard to what happened in the past.  How many times in the past has the emblematic clock moved closer to midnight just minutes before the pressing of the nuclear buttons ? How were the probabilities created to prevent the pressing of those buttons ?

Books like this should be in the private libraries of leaders of nations … no harm will be done if these leaders partake in the Pugwash movement … but not as members  of this or that nation, religion, or creed, but as human beings, whose continued existence is in doubt. As Einstein/Russell stated in their manifesto, they should consider themselves as members of a biological species which has had a remarkable history, and whose disappearance none of us can desire.

There is no doubt we are currently passing through a  dangerous time zone –  getting even more alarming as the population rises and resources crumble –  where we have about one hundred thousand nuclear warheads located at several locations on the planet Earth, and not all of them are in possession of `Safe Hands`. The probabilities must be created to come out safely from this time zone.

I reiterate once again that the significance of this book must not be underestimated.

It is better for peace in the world if it is widely read.

This is my fifth review.


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