Can the Truth Come Back With a Capital 'T'?

RESPONSE TO DEEPAK CHOPRA`S BLOG …“Can the Truth Come Back With a Capital ‘T’? (Part 4)“on Huffingtonpost.

Posted: 08/05/2013 12:44 pm


“Truth cannot be known or experienced by a system of thought, be it scientific or philosophical. Specific thoughts tied to experience of space and time are tied to the mechanics of the brain, which are enmeshed in space and time, not beyond them. But thought can also contemplate the end of space and time, the beginning of space and time. This is the paradox of reality, demonstrated by quantum mechanics already 100 years ago. Consciousness pervades the cosmos but cannot be contained there, because it is the source, the womb from which all things arise.

Such statements are logical conclusions based on taking consciousness seriously. If they seem preposterous to many orthodox scientists, this reflects the limitation of present-day science, not the ridiculousness of the statements. Science exists for the purpose of making sense of the universe, to understand the components that comprise the universe through quantitative means, and to produce self-consistent theories that can be tested and, potentially, disproven. Here we are making qualitative statements, which means one of two things: either science must concede that it is helpless to measure meaning or meaning must give rise to a new, expanded science. In both cases, crude materialism plays no role“



“Science exists for the purpose of making sense of the universe“

Absolutely the most important sentence of the entire set of blogs …all four parts.

Let us concentrate on this sentence:

The many widely accepted Scientific theories predict that dark energy will lead the universe towards perpetual nothingness…no energy…no light…. no life….no warmth.. Nothing but perpetual and irrevocable stagnation with massless photons and gravitons doing nothing at all – except getting bored.

And this goes on forever and ever …from age (say) 10^18 years, to age (say) 10 ^ 100+ years, since big bang.

Imagine…in such a scenario…that life and consciousness existing only in one unit of time out of nearly 10^ 82 units of time .

Does this make any sense at all ?

Some Scientists might say …Is making sense a requirement that the Universe must consider?

And in such a scenario as described above…if `making sense` is not a requirement..Then life and consciousness was just an accident….There was never a designer…. No Anthropic Principle… Just the second law of thermodynamics…Entropy at its infinite maximum….there is no way ..and no one.. to change the direction… That’s it.

Do we accept that?…No we cannot…..even to be aware of it, we need consciousness… and all that consciousness is concentrated in the tiny first region of time ..upto 10^18 years stage…perhaps maxm upto 10^20 years stage.

And it is in the `Here` and the `Now` …while we are in this tiny region of time … while we are living in this Stelliferrous era …. ..where beautiful stars are shining and beautiful life (with all that consciousness) is flourishing….while we with our consciousnesses are contemplating about the gloomy future (ie from 10^20 to 10^100+ years)… That we must ask the Question …

How can we make sense of the Universe? …What should the Scientist (or the philosopher ) think of, so that we can realize that it won`t be necessary to go into that useless region of time.

What then are the possibilities?…

In the broadest sense, there are only two players playing this game of `Reality`, and their names are :

1) `Matter and Energy` lets call it `MAE` ..and

2) `Mind and Consciousness` call it `MAC`

Now there are two alternatives:

ALTERNATIVE 1:  MAE is the primary player and responsible for the occasional appearances of MAC at various locations and times, whenever – and wherever – it has `randomly` created a certain biochemistry for MAC to arrive.

In this alternative … there is no such thing as an Anthropic principle and `Randomness` is supreme and the kind of life which is commensurate with the constants provided (also chosen randomly) materializes. This alternative does not explain how and from where does `Intelligence` arrive on the scene.

Perhaps it is an extremely rare commodity.. and also perhaps the quantum of intelligence is extremely limited…certainly not enough to prevent our civilization from self destruction.

Also in this alternative, the universe in the deep future – with the kind help of dark energy ( a major part of MAE) – will proceed towards nothingness…and that’s it.

No more universes – in that universe – , no more MAE, let alone MAC.

Or if the galaxies in that universe at some time in the future start collapsing on themselves towards their black holes…perhaps new smaller universes will be created after the ensuing explosions …Randomness will still be supreme and randomly selected `funny` constants will determine what type of MACs will appear.

Lives will be rare in this alternative, intelligent lives even rarer and whatever lives are there will be constantly killing and eating each other in an everlasting strife.

If a choice is given to me I am not going to come back in this sort of universe.

Now compare this with Alternative 2 where MAC is the primary player but has complete control over MAE.

Here in this alternative MAC on reaching a state of Super consciousness, prepares a comprehensive programme with beautifully designed mathematical constants and then switches on the computer at the appropriate time and ushers in the next big bang… And after trillions of years the next …and so on…a cyclic phenomena.

An excellent universe with billions of galaxies and millions of stars in each galaxy, trillions of planets brimming with life and intelligence. Plenty of Einsteins and Newtons , Plenty of Christ’s, and Buddha’s too,

Of course Randomness will be prominent in this alternative also, and so there will be some Hitler`s too.

Here in this alternative I`ll have no choice…I will be forever conscious ..(even if there are some time gaps between successive consciousness states for the simple reason that I will be unconscious of these `unconscious tenures` which will pass instantly for me )…

I can`t help it is programmed that way.

But its nice…sometimes not so nice.

In this alternative you could call MAC as `Mathemetics` who gives orders and call MAE as Physics who follows these orders.

Indeed `Mathemetics` is the President and the company is called `The Universe`

And there are many such laws where Mathemetics is giving Orders on how to proceed …and they were well crafted with nicely designed `constants` to create good enough probabilities for lives and consciousnesses to evolve at millions of locations and theoretical physicists to arrive and then understand these laws.

Laws such as the `Uncertainty Principle` where `Mathemetics` has played such a trick that it does not allow the quanta to get created out of nothing except for the shortest possible – and thus irrelevant period of time.

Laws such as `Quantum entanglement` where `Mathemetics`has played such a trick that it permits entanglement but does not permit information to be sent faster than at speed of light.

And both these tricks have been played out by the Mathematician by incorporating a certain randomness in the nature of reality… In the former case ..the vacuum randomly fluctuates between being and nothingness…and in the latter case the Mathematician keeps shuffling the deck of nature in such a way that the randomness remains intact .

I should go as far as to say that `Randomeness` is the Vice President.

And then at the center of everything … there is this thing called `EQUIVALENCE` ..The cleverest of all the laws …it goes without saying that this law is out and out Mathematics and Physics is just dancing to its tune.

In this alternative…good sense may prevail …Science and religion may converge.. Conflicts of the world may be resolved.. rise of population may be reversed… self destruction avoided.

Now, coming to the main subject of Deepak Chopra`s blog:

What can be that ultimate truth with a capital `T` that has the best chance of acceptance by all all Scientists.. by all Atheists and Theists .. by all Democrats and Republican whatever ..and above all that allows the universe to make perfect sense ?

The concept of an ` all intelligent Infinite mind` is a possible candidate for that truth with a capital `T`.. it remains very much in the domain of possibility…and it does not violate any of the established laws of Science.

A mind that is omnipresent not just in space but also in time.

A mind that can effectively come out of time and space and then travel instantaneously to far of corners of time and space of the universe.

It allows the Universe to proceed in its own way.. But the minds can travel back in time and stay within the stelliferous era and have a huge choice of biochemistries from a huge variety of galaxies and times to choose from.

The degenerate and the dark eras may go on and on…but all the stars – including Hollywood ones – will be with us.

In this way, we remain most of the time in the Stelliferous era when stars and planets are forming and life is flourishing beautifully…the only periods when there is no life is when the galaxies are collapsing and the primordial era – about 1,00,000 years – just after the big bang and before the stelliferous era…and these periods are not happening simultaneously in all galaxies… and at any given time, there are a phenomenally large number of galaxies simultaneously alive and kicking to choose from.

In addition, it can be said that the degree of consciousness and intelligence is increasing all the time, moving ultimately to the super consciousness stage – and this happens collectively as well as individually to all the minds.

Elsewhere on a few threads I have opined – rather supported Erwin Schrödinger’s views – about the oneness of mind.. its just that consciousness always happens to be in the singular.

Can this concept of an Infinite mind unite the Atheists with the Theists ?…. Why not ?…The Atheists will be happy with the knowledge that there is no Anthromorpic God…and no harm is done if the Theists consider the Infinite mind as God.

Indeed as DC says ..“We have raised a new absolute – universal consciousness (or pure awareness) – to the level once occupied by God, an all-pervasive, all-powerful agent“

But can we say that this `all powerful pure awareness` is secretly in charge of everything ?

I doubt if this is true…no doubt its all pervasive and all powerful… but the trouble is…`It plays dice` for it has to contend with the law of probability. The individual mind serves only its owner and has no control of the interactions of the rest of the world on it.

Similarly when this `all powerful Super conscious mind` of the previous Aeon set the ball rolling for a new universe…

he had no control over when and where life would emerge….

Yes it had no control over when and where life would emerge, or if and when a civilization from a planet `x` would conquer another from planet `y`, or whether Manchester United would beat Arsenal on a particular day.

Indeed that all powerful `Super Intellect Infinite mind..the so called President of the Universe` of the previous Aeon was a Mathematician God who designed those beautiful mathematical constants with great ingenuity… but he had to contend with `Randomness …the Vice President`.

And to give you an idea of what a tough customer `Randomness` can be.. here`s a story.. not a true story …but just a hypothetical one to explain my point about randomness :

A man called `x` takes a five minute evening walk in the garden …150 years later nearly 20 million people die…and I am telling you they would not have died had `x` not taken that walk….

I will come back in Part 9…giving you a chance to take a wild guess at what happened to this innocent man called `x` during that walk…which altered the history of the planet.

This is what happened to `x` :

While taking that short evening walk, `x` was bitten by a mosquito…A few days later he was down with Malaria and hospitalized……While in the hospital he fell in love with a nurse….Later the two of them got married….. They had a daughter… …. …. … `She was Hitler`s grandmother`

And in principle… she could have been the grandmother of a World renowned Space Scientist who could be instrumental in the development of Space technology to an extent that may lead to the colonization of the galaxy before the human civilization of the planet Earth self destructs itself.

And so Randomness plays its part…a single mosquito alters the history of the Milky Way.

And its not just `Randomness` which the `infinite mind` has to contend with…There is another guy ( or is it a gal ?)…even more dangerous than `Randomness`…… they call him `The second law` ( or `Entropy` if she`s a gal ).

You might ask the question … What kind of God is that `mind` if it is so powerless against these two … viz `Randomness` & `Entropy` ?

And what is the answer to that question ?

What should the mind do to gain some sort of control on the situation ?

The answer is simple …. `Get consciousness`….Look out for and then interact with biochemistry…get itself a consciousness… and then control nature….

And then control nature…such as by pressing a nuclear button and causing a catastrophic explosion.

But wait a minute ….Here too Randomness and the law of probability comes into the picture…No doubt the mind finds a biochemistry and pretty soon engulfs itself with a tiny speck of jelly …But it’s the Interactions of the Universe ..or in other words.. `Randomness` that determine whether that speck of jelly will go on to become a Hitler or a Buddha or an Einstein.

But now that the secret is out…the secret regarding `the phenomena of Interactions` .. The minds that are in possession of this secret are able to take adequate care of the probabilities such that randomness does not create problems….

Example… we anticipate the likely maximum Earthquake force that can act on a building during the next couple of centuries and multiply that by an adequate margin of safety and then design that building to withstand that force.

And in the same way let the minds that are in possession of this `Interactions` secret …spread the word throughout the world – to the minds of the leaders of nations – to cause such interactions that will create the probabilities to prevent nuclear wars and avoid self destruction.

And as for Entropy … We all know it’s possible for Consciousness to change the direction of Entropy from positive to negative.

Now,  I agree..that its all philosophy…all this talk about `The infinite mind`.. `The oneness of mind` `The universal consciousness`…`The pure awareness`…`The intelligent force`…whatever you may call it is speculative, its not yet an established truth by Science.

But it’s a strong concept and can explain many features of reality which can otherwise not be explained at all by Materialistic Science. Apart from that …We see the enormous adverse implication of not accepting the `infinite mind` concept..viz that it renders the universe as not making any kind of sense at all (refer earlier parts).

In my view I think it is the responsibility of `Science` to reorient its direction and move forward in a way so as to ensure that the universe makes sense, and in this respect it is imperative that it includes `mind and consciousness` in its scope. …But I am afraid Science is not doing its job properly.

Some of my friends on Huffingtonpost are worried that I am not aware that speculative thought needs some constraints too… they are advising me to be pragmatic about the whole thing at least till such time that we have some sort of a grip on the totality of propositions put forward and accept the fact that we may not be able to figure out the ultimate truth for quite some time.

In the normal course… if the world was progressing peacefully …I would take that advise ..

But there is an urgency here…..The world, as far as the human civilization is concerned, is `NOT AT ALL` progressing nicely, as if it can escape from self destruction before the 25th century. ( Some people say it won`t be that late…Stephen Hawking feels 200 years are all that are left for us…Martin Rees is certain this is our final century)

That `Escape` will not happen unless the `Threat` of Nuclear war reduces appreciably.

And this `Threat` is not just from the Nuclear Arsenal getting into the wrong hands. Responsibility towards the future security of the world lies not just in preventing wrong hands from getting powerful but also in preventing powerful hands from possible wrong actions.

A harassed world leader can be very dangerous for the World.

A few hundred nuclear warheads are enough to destroy the entire human civilization and we have accumulated nearly a hundred thousand of them on the planet.

And there is no moral force acting against this… No outrage shown by the Church …or by religious leaders of any religion against this massive accumulation.

And this `Threat` will not reduce till conflicts and wars are over ..till Religion converges with Science… which will pave the way for all religions to converge into a single religion.

And that will not happen till the Scientists and Philosophers …not forgetting religious leaders, come together and arrive at a `World view` of reality which is acceptable to all.

And that common denominator in that `World view` can be none other than the concept of an `Infinite mind` coupled with Erwin Schrodinger`s idea of the `Oneness of mind` . Indeed there is only one mind …its just that consciousness is in the singular.

Who can object to it ?…

Which religion will not accept it ?

And then it provides us with `God` and `immortality` at one stroke.

And it leads us to this statement:

“ Its impossible to be aware that we are not aware…and equally impossible for us to be not aware that we are aware“…

and even if there are periods of unconsciousness..we will be unconscious of these unconscious tenures and they will pass quickly.

And why should we call this concept which is agreeable to all as `wishful thinking`?.

Science will one day establish this truth…but there is ample time for that..The universe though 13.7 billion years old is considered still in its infancy.

Let us first survive the danger zone ..the next few centuries… with this concept… and then we can resume .. in earnest…our search for the final truth with a capital

All in all ..this is a great article …all four parts…and presumably this subject will be at centre stage of discussions during the forthcoming `Scientists and Sages Symposium` to be held between August 16 and 18 where DC is the host.

It is hoped that the participants will use both hemispheres of the brains, and arrive at a consensus view during the symposium… a view that is by and large acceptable to all sections of society.

A large percentage of the World population still believes in an `Anthromorpic God`..While they are likely to accept the `all intelligent omnipresent mind` as their `God`.. it is unlikely they will be convinced if we tell them that there is `no God` and there is nothing that controls nature and that nature acts on its own…such a view is likely to be culturally very damaging to the psyche.

Direct evidence of `something` controlling nature will never be visible but it is plain to see that the probabilities that govern the motions of even the quantum particles evolve deterministically, as if connected with a classical world that can be perceived by our consciousness.

The view that has the best chance of acceptance is:

“There is `Something` out there that controls nature… We don`t have to call it `Someone`…One day Science will find out what that `Something` is.. Till such time (and even after that), we can call it `GOD`.

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